Our mission
"Improve the energy efficiency and comfort of human housing within an environmental sensitivity by transforming and recycling newspaper into high-quality cellulose insulation to be applied in houses and buildings."

Igloo Cellulose Inc. was founded in 1978 by late Russell Fiset. Being also pioneers in the field back then, we relied on research and development as well as on the optimization and refinement of the production processes in order to produce a high-end product that is efficient, safe and in line with our environmental imperatives.

In March 2020, ISO-GREEN (France) along with its partners Harnam Kakkar, FCPA, FCMA and Daniel Béland B. Sc. A., MBA acquired 100% shares of Igloo Cellulose Inc. from Fiset family.


It was an immediate and ever-growing success. To meet the demand, our production facility gradually increased from a 16,000 to a 48,000 square feet area. Our modern facilities, equipped with many automated systems to ensure stability and quality of the product, now have the ability to produce millions of cellulose bags annually.



We opened our own research center in 2007 in order to continuously improve the quality of our product and develop new application techniques. Our product has therefore surpassed the highest international standards, as much in the field of manufacturing as in safety standards. Thereby, we are proud to have obtained the GREENGUARD Gold certification as well as ISO 9001certification.

Always doing what's best for you
We will never stop promoting the use of reliable technologies and processes in the efficient application of cellulose, in order to ensure maximum thermal insulation of building envelopes exposed to extreme weather conditions.
We are proud to have become one of Canada's leaders as well as internationally in cellulose manufacture. Our products are also exported to the United States.


A skilled and experienced team at your service
Our team includes chemical and building insulation technology engineers who are constantly working at improving our products, manufacturing processes and application techniques. We also have employees with experience in building sites in order to respond to all the technical questions from our clientele and help resolve all their specific issues.

President, CEO

Harnam Kakkar is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Igloo Cellulose Inc. He had been working with Igloo Cellulose over 25 years, particularly he provided exemplary leadership role since 2012. Igloo had been awarded the Best Manufacturing and Sustainable Development company by the West Island Chamber of Commerce two years in a row. He also leads a public accounting firm. He began his carrier in a large manufacturing company where he was promoted as Executive Vice-President. Harnam has been awarded the rare designation of Fellow of the Ordre des Comptables Professionels Agréés du Québec. He is the past President of CPA Order of Quebec. He was lecturer in the continuing education, faculty of management, at McGill University for over 20 years.

Vice-President, General Manager

Daniel Béland joined Igloo Cellulose Inc. as General Manager in 1995 and he was promoted as Vice-President in 2012. He has a long experience in the manufacturing industry for over 40 years. At Igloo, he overlooks all the operation of the company. He is involved with the modernization of the process and equipment at Igloo over the years. He assumed the engineering role to implement a cellulose plant in France in 2011. He has a bachelor of Chemical Engineering and an MBA in finance. He has been providing an excellent leadership role in the company.

Plant manager

Sylvain Gagnon joined Igloo Cellulose Inc. as a Production Manager in 2008. In 2015, his hard work and dedication earned him his present role of Plant Manager. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Forestry and an MBA. He is highly involved with the process controls to improve the quality of the product and the productivity.

Shipping/receiving coordinator


Whatever your needs, we can meet them. We can provide any volume, thanks to our annual production capacity of several millions of cellulose bags. Our production system is automated and high-tech in order to guarantee continuous high quality of our product in terms of both fibre quality and formulation.